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Single Source Vendor

Single Source Vendor - An International Industrial Equipment Company

An International Industrial Equipment Company

The Challenge.

Our Client had a long-standing practice of maintaining a large staff of contingency employees in their manufacturing shops, and quite often, the contingency workforce would consist of over 100 employees. These employees consisted of welders, fabricators, panel builders, and machine assemblers. For several years, our Client was dissatisfied with the quality and service their industrial staffing vendors provided.

Additionally, our Client had separate agencies focusing on different job classifications. Our Client wanted one vendor to service all disciplines to simplify and streamline the process.

Our Client was comfortable with the quality and professionalism of the service they received from Integrated Talent Strategies but knew ITS did not have an industrial staffing division. Their current industrial staffing providers were interested in the technical and professional staffing opportunities. However, due to the subpar performance with industrial labor, our Client was not interested in these vendors working in the technical and professional areas.

The Solution.

ITS has worked with this Client since the early 1990s, staffing and recruiting for technical and professional positions. The company approached Integrated Talent Strategies, proposing ITS absorb their 90+ associates and handle all future recruiting for manufacturing and shop positions.

Given the unique approach to sourcing and recruiting manufacturing employees, ITS formed a separate company under the ITS umbrella to serve the industrial staffing needs of the Client. This guaranteed continuity in service for the Client and allowed the newly formed company to be structured as an industrial staffing firm.

The Result.

Our Client now has a long-lasting vendor providing all staffing solutions at their Bowling Green location. Operating efficiencies have resulted from the “single source” approach. Partnering with an efficient, dependable, and reliable staffing vendor has allowed optimal resource utilization and helped create a competitive advantage. Additionally, ITS now has an industrial staffing division to aid current and future clients.

The Conclusion.

ITS finds and attracts the best for employers. With access to a wide range of services, employers using ITS always have the flexibility to keep up with project demands and stay ahead of the competition. ITS has been a leader in the engineering, technical and professional recruiting field since 1984. After many decades, we remain successful because we know our business and work to understand yours. No matter what position or location, ITS is capable and committed to identifying and recruiting the best talent for our clients. Reach out today to get in touch with us!

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