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Full Contract Labor Program Solution

One of the Largest Utility Companies in the U.S.


For more than two decades, ITS has partnered with one of the largest utility companies in the United States, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations for their staffing needs. In 2018, the client embarked on a two-year plan to reduce their number of suppliers and establish a tiered contract labor supplier group defined as Preferred or Approved. At the end of that process in 2020, ITS was awarded Preferred Supplier Status. Our dedicated team manages over 300 job requisitions annually in Construction & Supply Chain, and Engineering for this client across 11 states. It stresses continuous improvement processes within ITS and in partnership with our client. As a result, ITS has built a strong reputation as a consistent and leading Preferred Supplier with our competitive advantage.

Our client owns and operates the largest transmission system in the country, serving 5.5 million customers in 11 states. The client is comprised of five departments: Engineering, Finance, IT, Construction, and Corporate.

ITS current staffing statistics with the customer for 2022:

  • 172 Active
  • 17 Converted
  • 205 Hired
  • 662 Interviewed

The Challenge.

Before using our services, the customer faced several challenges. The main concerns involved the high-volume turnover of its present contractors, the lack of communication initiated and maintained by other staffing suppliers, the limited opportunity, the difficulty of managing and scheduling mandatory testing, and the poor quality of candidates’ profiles received for open positions. In the overall job market, the customer wanted the best competitive rates and most qualified candidates to retain its success as a company.

The Solution.

Since partnering with ITS, our customer has provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on our performance. Our strategic partnership increased the headcount of contractors, granting our client the workforce to not only meet project deadlines but also to take on additional projects. We also managed to decrease employee turnover while attracting high-quality employees successfully. This was done partly by providing candidates with top-notch, affordable benefits and the flexibility to negotiate necessary salary expectations. We strive to maintain open communication with clients through quality improvement meetings and staying on top of the job market trends. Internally, we prioritize obtaining experienced recruiters and implementing continuous improvement on our ATS systems, sourcing tools, and overall business operations to exceed customer expectations.

Current 2022 Statistics.

Criteria Expectation Actual Score Result
Supplier Communication 3 – 3.99 5.00 Exceeds Expectation
% Of Candidates Shortlisted 75%-85% 87.90% Exceeds Expectation
Trust Rating 3 – 3.99 4.00 Exceeds Expectation
Contract Adherence Rating 3 – 3.99 4.60 Exceeds Expectation
Partnership Rating 3 – 3.99 4.20 Exceeds Expectation

The Conclusion.

Since becoming a Preferred Supplier, ITS has evolved into more than just a staffing company. ITS has become a full-service, strategic business partner that seeks to understand short and long-term staffing strategies instead of just reacting to a current need. The continuation of ITS’s determination to grow benefits our customers and contractors, who are involved in bettering their careers with reputable companies.

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