Nearly 2.1 million Americans quit their jobs in May due to the pandemic. With the uncertainty of how long the novel Covid-19 will last, is it better to stay put in your current job, or search for something new? Executive coach Michele Woodward says, “Why not just do it?”

While a new opportunity is exciting, there are still precautions and research that should be done, especially within a pandemic. When searching, remember to size up the possible job with these tips:

  1. Do research: Look into the company’s financial health to assess job security.
  2. Assess flexibility: Ask the interviewer how the company has handled the adjustments of their employees over the past new months.
  3. Talk to a partner or roommate: Is it possible to have the house or children looked after while you prove yourself in a new job environment?
  4. Don’t lose sight of the long-term goal: Ask yourself if this opportunity will be available again, and keep your eyes set on your overall career goal.

Original article written by: Rachel Feintzeig for the Wall Street Journal on July 13, 2020

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