• 5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job Jul 21 - Job seekers can spend a lot of time trolling job sites and sending resumes en masse without culling much of an employer response let alone landing an interview. Employers still receive between 102 and 137 applications per job from both social-media networks and job boards, says a 2014 study from Brandon Hall Group. Effective job search... Read more »
  • THE MISTAKES THAT ARE KILLING YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION Jul 13 - “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” It’s one of the most clichéd pieces of advice. That’s because it’s true — especially if you are job hunting. Research shows that recruiters typically only give your resume a six-second glance, and some people say the first seven seconds of meeting someone are the most important,... Read more »
  • How to Answer ‘Tell Me More About Yourself’ in a Job Interview Jul 07 - Landing an interview with a recruiter is one of the first, and most important, steps in achieving your employment goal. While most interviews are relatively straightforward and easy to navigate, there is one common inclusion that people many times have trouble with: Tell me about yourself. However, this question is where you can truly set... Read more »

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